Anne and Juliana

Anne O' Donnell opened Coiscéim in 1998, providing natural therapies to the community. Juliana joined her in 2000.

What We Do?

We provide Reflexology, Spiritual Healing, Bach Flower Remedies . We also provide Baby Massage Classes, Personal Development Courses/Workshops and Numerology Reading.

Why We Do It?

We believe that when there is peace and calm and people are treated with Respect, it is enabling and encourages them to take Steps towards Restoring Balance and Harmony in their Lives.

Since When?

Since 1998 we have committed to provide therapies and courses that make a significant difference in quality of life. This is done in a Safe and Confidential Environment.


Anne O Donnell

Anne O'Donnell is a Tralee native and has been a Complementary Health Practitioner since 1997 offering therapies s Reflexology, in a relaxing supportive and confidential environment. Before Anne trained as a complementary health practitioner she worked for many years in a garden centre and because of her interest in plants and nature, she became very interested in the Bach Flower Remedies and in 2002 trained as a Bach Flower Practitioner and is registered with the Bach Foundation which is an International Register.

In 2006 Anne trained as a Baby Massage instructor and facilitates classes where Mums/Dads are shown Massage Techniques which help their Baby's Development and Wellbeing. Anne has experience working with groups and has facilitated Personal Development Courses and Workshops.

  Anne is a member of the Irish Reflexologists' Institute Ltd., Irish Massage Therapists' Association, Baby Massage Ireland

Anne O Donnell
Anne O Donnell

Juliana Murphy

Juliana Murphy is a native of Cork City and has previously worked with Youth Groups and Women's Groups both at home and abroad. Living in Kerry since 1998. She worked in Africa for six years where she was responsible for setting up many projects. On her return to Ireland she trained as a Hospital Chaplain at Kerry General Hospital. From her Spiritual background Juliana was drawn into the Healing Profession and trained as a Massage Therapist and Spiritual Healer.

Juliana offers the Compassion to Facilitate a Profound Level of Healing. Juliana has been facilitating Personal Development Courses and Workshops for a number of years and in 2008 she trained and became a licensed Leader of Workshops based on the philosophy of Louise Hay who is an inspirational Teacher and Author and she facilitates a 2 day Workshop Love Yourself, Heal Your Life.


A reflexologist uses only hands to apply gentle pressure to the feet. The pressure used is unique to each client and condition.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is a "hands on" method of healing. Healing energy is channelled through the healer and works on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spirit.

Baby Massage

Baby Massage strengthens the bond between mother and baby.  It is relaxing for both mother and baby. It can be used to treat every day problems such as colic and sleeplessness.

Bach Remedies

Dr. Bach once gave a simple Instruction to his team: 'treat the person, not the disease'. This is the holistic approach in a nutshell.

Louise Hay &
Personal Development

The way you think influences the way you see life. If you are willing to change your thinking you can change your life.

Body Confidence & Wellbeing Coaching

Loving yourself is the most caring thing you can do for yourself and others. Body Confidence has a huge impact on the way we live our lives. It is all about developing a strong, positive and loving relationship with yourself that stands the test of time. .

Baby Massage Teaching parents to massage their babies
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Love Your Self Heal Your Life A course based on the philosophy of Louise Hay
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Personal Development 6 week Personal Development course "Change Your Thinking - Change Your Life"
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