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When I was in my early 40s I started a Love Affair.  Like many love affairs to begin with it was passionate.   We did lots of things together like walking, talking, laughing, swimming, gardening etc., etc.   We had loads of things in common and everything was exciting.  Then life got in the way and we didn’t meet up as often, the usual excuses Family, Work, Responsibilities, Other Commitments, every excuse you could think of.  We moseyed along like this for about 20 years meeting up occasionally when we could fit it in until I reached my 60s and we found we had more time to rekindle our relationship.  Now I am enjoying a new fresh relationship with someone I love – Who you may ask is this wonderful person … IT IS ME – I am beginning to enjoy getting to know the real Anne sharing all that she enjoys and all that matters to her – Family, Friends, Nature, Fun and in my mid 60s now LIFE IS GOODan awareness  who I am