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Baby Massage

Baby Massage is an ancient art.It is relaxing for both mother and baby. During the classes I will demonstrate the Infant Massage techniques on a doll which you will follow on your Baby. By massaging your Baby you will Improve Sleep Pattern: Enhance Development and Boost Immunity. It can also help to relieve the pain of Colic and Constipation. If you have other children you will enjoy the Time alone with your Baby : You will Meet up with other Mums and share the Challenges and the Joys of being Mum to a new baby. BABY MASSAGE IS LEARNING TO COMMUNICATE YOUR LOVE FOR YOUR BABY THROUGH TOUCH

You as a Parent will also experience the benefits of massaging your Baby:  You will feel more Relaxed and Confident: You will increase prolactin/ocytocin production (the hormone which furthers 'motherly instincts and wellbeing')

Most of all the Classes are Baby focused, Relaxing and Fun


If you prefer you have the choice of coming for a  one to one session or  you may choose a Home Visit 


Next course:   5 Week class starting on Thursday 12th September 2019 at 2.30 
Location:  St. Brendan's Pastoral Centre, Rock Street, Tralee
Cost:  5 Week Class costs €125 includes all handouts and oils.

Coure starting in Ré Nua Health Clinic Dingle on Tuesday 1st October

A portion of the cost may be reclaimable on selected policies with your Health Insurer

Contact: anne@coisceimtralee.ie or phone 087 2915343
"Coisceim run a very intimate and welcoming Baby Massage Class, it is completely Baby focused, which is actually a relief, as a new mum.   You realise very quickly that baby does not adhere to a timetable so if they need a nappy change or a feed during the class that is okay.   It is as much about Moms sanity as it is about baby, as sometimes it is lovely to have a focus to get out and meet new moms in the early days of motherhood to discuss your week and anything that worries you.  I would hightly recommend the class, it teaches you about how to help baby naturally when constipation or colic can leave you a little bewildered, but knowing that you have the power in your own hands to ease their discomfort and increase bonding is a fabulous gift.   Thank you so much"  Geraldine O'Brien, Architect and New Mom!
baby massage course